The Darkness

My writing maybe dark seem a bit morbid to some I suppose it is because it’s part of me,part of you part of the darkness we don’t want others to see. Maybe it’s because of death I have no fear or because of things I’ve survived in this life. Maybe its because I love the things that others fear I see beauty in the darkness and in its many imperfections of its soul. The darkness does not scare me only comforts me like an old friend I’ve come to know so well. The darkness does not hide itself nor the shadows that dwell within it only brings the night and I’m with you once again. The darkness does not try to be more than what it is a large night sky or blackness an overpowering abyss. I will face the darkness and carry it with me for all my scars to see. I am its friend and it is mine and forever this will be. The darkness is a place,a place the lonely go,where the pain can’t see it’s way to haunt me. The place where me the broken one doesn’t feel so alone, because there is others here,the lost, the wounded, the ones to broke to fly but we are not alone I have the darkness and he has I…A place of where broken dreams and promises of a tiny blonde haired girl now dwells and the hopes that died with them,what seems like an eternity ago. A place of comfort for me where all that’s wrong seems so right, a place where nothing can touch me ,a place of peace until its filled with light. Even the Angel’s fear to tread where the darkness lives and the demons of the past sees it as it is all consuming waiting to swallow them up and send them back where they belong. To me its calming,guiding and stands as a shelter in the storm we call life!

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