Grief/ The glass darkly

What is grief except an empty word hollow nothing but pain and sadness waiting to consume you with every turn.

Condolences what is condolences except empty words that people use during the time of loss.

I’m sorry what is I’m so sorry except words that people say that doesn’t make the pain go away but they don’t no what else to say.

Day by day what’s this except the motion of having to wake up each day remembering the one you love is gone. But you still have to go on. Breathing because it’s a reaction not because you want too.

Pain what’s pain except the empty song on the broken wings of a song bird that will fly no more.

Time heals all wounds what’s this but something you tell your self to feel better in the moment. Something to make you keep going running through the motions that are winding and never ending.

Heart break what’s this except two halves that make a whole with one half missing for eternity.

Love what is love except an empty word full of pain and promises of a life that will never come to be. Gone for an eternity,shattered,and broken lost never to return again.

All these things compose grief all this but no relief none of this makes it easier nor does it help it heal. The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is to see my child lose the one he loves a pain I can’t describe all their dreams gone in an instant. I hated seeing him walk this road I’ve already traveled when I was his age and lost his father. A road noone should ever have to travel much less a child. A future of broken dreams,promises and an endless nightmare from which you never wake. As i held him listening trying to tell myself I would carry him when he couldn’t stand trying to convince myself there was a reason for all of this when i know deep down there isn’t and knowing even if there was it wouldn’t matter because it wouldn’t stop pain the heart break the shattering of the soul as one half is torn away.

I know evil exists it has its clutches on all that it is good it broke the wing of the tiny song bird that can fly no more forever forcefully grounded but yet it still sings the beautiful song it was created to sing. When your children are little they break your heart when they are grown they break on your soul. But I will find the strength the strength to carry you son when your knees can’t hold you and I will hold you when the road gets to be to much this is the promise of a mother with a broken heart from seeing her child in such pain desperate to take it all away make it right but knowing she can’t. Love you always momma

3 thoughts on “Grief/ The glass darkly

    1. Hi midge not sure what’s going on with my blog I’m not ignoring its sending everyone to spam love your new posts and layout any tips would be great sorry it took a min to get back thank you for always reading 😊


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